Alvaro Garay
Kanji アルバロ・ガレイ
Romaji Arubaro Garei
Birthday 16 November
Sign Scorpio
Height 178cm
Occupation Student


Attribute Light
Relatives Unnamed Parents (Deceased)
Status Alive
 Alvaro Garay (アルバロ・ガレイArubaro Garei) is a young man who conceals countless deceits beneath his smiling and social attitude. He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura


Alvaro is actually quite sly and mysterious. In his route, he mainly tricks Lulu into falling in love with him and toys with her feelings which could be the result of his difficult childhood. Alvaro in reality can be very sadistic and cruel going as far as to threaten to kill Lulu initially.


Alvaro has bright teal hair and burgundy eyes. He wears black nail varnish and wears mainly black clothing. However, Alvaro chooses to wear his uniform very untidily with long black boots over his pants. For the school ball, Alvaro wears white and red formal attire.

In Wand of Fortune II, Alvaro's hair changes to black. Alvaro wears black armour with a long sleeveless black jacket and purple comforters.

In Wand of Fortune 2 FD, Alvaro still maintains his black hair. Whilst at the guild, Alvaro wears a full black combat outfit. For casual, he wears a red and black elbow length shirt with a matching black and red check shirt with black pants and boots.


Alvaro is originally an orphan left at a place with other children. Later he had the option of leaving that place at the cost of learning to become an assassin for the guild or remaining trapped at the place forever in peace and happiness. Alvaro then chose freedom and became an assassin at the age of ten. When Alvaro was then 19 years old he decided to start attending Mills Clare.


Lulu - Alvaro likes to tease Lulu frequently but also likes to whisper threats down her ear and generally prefers to think of his relationship with Lulu as a game making her work to earn his feelings.


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  • Alvaro's birthday is 16th November
  • His attribute is light