Bilal Asad Ithnan Faranbald
Kanji ビラール アサド イスナーン ファランバルド
Romaji Birāru Asado Isunān Faranbarudo
Gender Male
Birthday 17 August
Sign Leo
Blood Type O
Height 180cm
Occupation Prince of Faranbald


Attribute Water
Relatives Rasheed Asad Wahid (Older Brother)
Status Alive
Bilal Asad Ithnan Faranbald (ビラルアサド Birāru Asado Isunān Faranbarudo) is a young prince from the Faranbald Kingdom. He is studying magic in hopes to solve the drought in his homeland. However, due to unfavourable results, he has to temporarily return back to his country. He is voiced by Takahashi Hiroki .


He loves his country and treats people at school with his customs. He acts quite brotherly to his friends, especially Lulu, who he often pats on the head. Bilal can act somewhat flirtatious and is very loyal to his friends. He is also very skilled at fighting as he doesn't get along very well with his older brother due to him being against going to school to learn magic.


Bilal has white hair and gold/yellow eyes with dark skin. He wears the Mills Clare male uniform which consists of a black hood with beads, a white shirt, black pants and a pair of brown sandals. He customises his uniform with jewels from his home country. For the school ball, Bilal wears white and red formal attire with a long white cape with jewels from his home.

In Wand of Fortune II, Bilal wears a long red cape with a black and white jacket that reveals his chest he wears matching pants and red shoes.

In Wand of Fortune 2 FD, Bilal wears brown knee-length pants with a red elbow length shirt and a pair of sandals. He also wears a black waistcoat and he wears a brown and red belt.


Bilal is the second prince of his home country and has an older brother called Rasheed who does not approve of him learning magic as it is banned from the country. Bilal is also very loyal to his home and believes in the traditions and customs and is determined to discover the cause of the draught in his home land.


Lulu - Bilal acts quite brotherly towards Lulu and treats her like a little sister. He cares for Lulu deeply and treats her as if she was his own sister. In Bilal's route in the game in the first game he and Lulu get married in order to fix the lake at the school for the final exam and they make a contract with Naiad. Eventually, Bilal decides to host a proper wedding in the future for him and Lulu. Bilal however through his routes in the first games moves from seeing Lulu as a younger sister and begins to see her as a woman.

Rasheed Asad Wathid - He is Bilal's older brother and the first prince of Faranbald he is not on good terms with his younger brother as he is against him learning magic and therefore banished him from his homeland.


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  • Ironically Bilal's attribute is water despite his country being in drought.