Julius' Fan-Club
Gender Female
Attribute Wind (Cynthia)

Water (Adele)

Fire (Martha)

Relatives Matthew Craig (Husband) (Cynthia)
Status Alive
 Julius' Fanclub consists of three third year students: Cynthia Whitford (Noriko Fujimoto ) and the self-appointed leader of the club, Adele Mason (Chifuyu) Cynthia's no.1 follower and Martha Olcott (Azumi Asakura ) Cynthia's no.2 follower. 



A stuck-up, well-off young lady, and somehow always treat Lulu as an enemy. The self-appointed leader of Julius' fanclub. Her attribute is wind.


Cynthia's follower no.1. Basically, it's her job to agree with Cynthia. Her attribute is water.


Cynthia's follower no.2. Happy as long as she has confectionary. Do not tend to listen to people when they talk. Her attribute is fire. 


Cynthia Edit

Cynthia is a pretty 18-year old girl with shoulder length blonde hair which she keeps in a side ponytail tied by white ribbons and she has light blue eyes. Cynthia wears her uniform with a frilly long sleeved dress shirt representing her noble heritage.


Adele is quite a tall girl but is just shorter than Cynthia she has the same skin tone as Bilal and she has dark blue short hair and gold eyes. In her hair she wears two white clips one that has the shape of the north star on it. Adele wears the standard issued female uniform.


Martha is a rather short and rotund girl who is mainly seen with her eyes shut, she has chin length brown hair and wears a white hairband in it. Martha is always seen carrying a bag of food. Like Adele she wears the standard issued female uniform.


Cynthia comes from the noble Whitford family however Cynthia's family do not accept her wishes to study at Mirus Clare School of Magic and therefore she made a deal with them that she could study there till she was 18 years old. Already Cynthia's parents planned to set her up in an arranged marriage.


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  • They have a similar pattern of fanclubs from Fruits Basket and Amnesia.