Lagi El Nagil
Kanji ラギ・エル・ナギル
Romaji Ragi Eru Nagiru
Gender Male
Birthday 29 March
Sign Aries
Height 167cm
Occupation Student
Attribute Fire
Relatives Tia El Nagil (Mother, deceased)

Kada El Nagil (Father)

Segg Ul Nagil (Grandfather)

Coco Ul Nagil (Grandmother)

Status Alive
Lagi El Nagil (ラギ・エル・ナギル Ragi Eru Nagiru) is a half-dragon who is plagued with a mysterious condition where he will transform if he gets too close to a female. He is pressed by the choice of living alongside either race - humans or dragons. Lagi is voiced by Kakihara Tetsuya .


Lagi is a typical tsundere character, he likes to eat a lot and is quite popular amongst his peers he can often be seen laughing and smiling with his friends. Lagi, tends to be nervous around Lulu however Lagi is honest, brave and tough and is an incredible fighter, Lagi tends to be embarrassed by his baby dragon form however is proud when he is in his true dragon form. In Lagi's route, he admits that he isn't very good at being romantic and especially considering he cannot properly embrace Lulu without changing due to him haven't making his decision of being human or dragon.


Lagi has short red hair and orange eyes. Lagi wears his school uniform with a few minor differences he wears his tie slightly loose and wears his sleeves slightly rolled up and he doesn't wear a waistcoat and he carries a sword also a fingerless black glove on his right hand. He is often seen carrying a large sword on his back. For the school ball, Lagi wears white and red formal attire with a long white cape.

In Wand of Fortune II, Lagi's attire consists of a sleeveless black jumpsuit with matching gloves above he wears red steel armour and still carries his sword he also wears a long white cape.

In Wand of Fortune 2 FD, Lagi is shown to bear a striking resemblance to his father, Kada. He wears traditional clothes from his homeland, consisting of a brown and red jacket and wears a burgundy shirt underneath he wears a fang necklace as well as a pair of black pants and brown boots.


Lagi is an only child of Kada and Tia, his mother died when he was a baby and his father abandoned them for his village Lagi was then raised by his grandparents.


Lulu  - Lagi tends to nervous around Lulu due to the fact that she is a girl but also his friend and cannot be around her sometimes without transforming. In Lagi's route in the game he admits he isn't very good at being romantic and blushes trying to even make a slight romantic gesture to Lulu and feels bad in the first couple of games that he cannot embrace Lulu without transforming into his baby dragon form, also when Lulu gets stabbed on his behalf he cries because he doesn't care if the world gets destroyed because Lulu is the world to him. In other routes, Lagi is shown to be good friends with Lulu and Amy but might also show hints of a minor crush on Lulu.

Bilal Asad Ithnan Faranbald - Despite Bilal being a couple of years older than Lagi the two are shown to be good friends and Lagi often helps in battles with him but also expresses concern in the sequel when Bilal is hardly using magic. Overall the two are good or even best friends.


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  • Lagi's birthday is March 29th
  • Lagi's attribute is fire
  • The way Lagi transforms when in contact with someone of the opposite gender is the same idea as Fruits Basket.