Kanji ヴァニア
Romaji Vu~ania
Gender Female
Birthday ???
Sign ???
Blood Type ???
Height ???
Occupation Guardian of Mirus Clare


Attribute All
Relatives Ivan (Brother)
Status Alive

Vania is one of the guardians of Mirus Clare School of Magic and the younger sister of Ivan. She is a member of an ancient tribe with a gift for magic. Vania is voiced by Ai Orikasa

Personality Edit

Vania is a proud, graceful and somewhat loud woman and has faith in her abilities

Appearance Edit

Vania is a tall with short blonde hair and crimson red eyes she also wears striking red lipstick. Vania wears a dark red/burgundy bonnet with a shoulder cape and a long red dress revealing some of her cleavage along with gloves.

In Wand of Fortune 2 FD, Vania in one of the stories is turned into a little girl however she retains her appearance.