Wand of Fortune II-0

Wand of Fortune II-0

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The game cover.

Wand of Fortune II Jikuu ni Shizumu Mokushiroku is the sequel game to Wand of Fortune and this game is set in the past 350 years.


Anything and everything in this world holds one of the 6 different "attributes" -- Wind, Earth, Water, Fire, Light, Dark. However, very rarely, there are people who grow up without an attribute.

The heroine, Lulu, is such very rare existence of a "Non-attribute". Lulu, who held the dream of being a witch since she was young, studied at the prestigious "Mirus Clare School of Magic" where all the magic in the world are gathered, for the sake of finding her attribute. Surrounded by friends who are full of talent and individuality, and while getting roped into strange incidents every now and then, Lulu finally gained her own attribute. What Lulu gained, in this world, is an attribute that only existed in people of the past-- "All-Attribute". She holds an affinity for all 6 attributes, becoming what is like the first human to walk on Earth. 

In bewilderment, Lulu continues to study at "Mirus Clare" in order to make full use of her "All-Attribute". Then one day, her friend Bilal, an exchange student from a foreign country, had to return to his homeland. The friends gathered to see him off, and for commemoration, decided to magically record themselves onto memories.

However, the one doing the recording, Edgar's magic suddenly went out of control. In hopes of stopping it, Lulu used her "All-Attribute Magic". As a result, everyone present then, with the exception of Edgar who remained, all vanished. Receiving the impact of the uncontrollable magic, when Lulu awoke, a young man she didn't know was beside her. Hearing her story, he informed her sweetly, "Welcome, visitors of the future. This is a world you shouldn't be in." Lulu and friends have wandered into a place.And that place was, a world that's 350 years in the past from her time-----.


Lulu - The heroine in the previous game she now is the first human to possess "All-Attributes" however after being taken 350 years into the past due to her wand's jewel being destroyed Lulu must partner up with somebody and restore her wand however temporarily is given a watch wand.

Julius Fortner - A seventeen-year-old young man with a Wind Attribute he is fascinated by the world of the past. In his route he learns of new magic but also about his feelings for a girl...

Noel Valmore - Julius's self-procliamed no.1 rival 

Bilal Asad Ithnan Faranbald

Lagi El Nagil

Alvaro Garay

Est Rinaudo

Solo-man - A mysterious young man of the past who chooses to help aid Lulu in her quest to return to the future and gives her a temeperary wand watch.